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Abrassar is a Region in Outward which houses the city of Levant, home of the Heroic Kingdom faction. The temperature in the region is oppressively hot in the daytime and bitter cold at night, making it difficult to traverse.


Blazing desert with freezing nights, with giant insects lurking in hives and ruins.


Abrassar connects to Enmerkar Forest to the south-west, and to the west.


For details about the open exterior region of Abrassar (such as enemies, loot, NPCs, etc) see:


The following is a list of locations which can be accessed from Abrassar outdoors.

Major Locations[]

Minor Locations[]

Minor locations are part of Abrassar Misc. Dungeons, and will show this name on loading screens.


Daytime: +40 Hot (Very Hot / Hottest). Nighttime: -20 Cold (Cold). Abrassar does not have dynamic seasons.

  • Trees and Water Sources are sparse in Abrassar, so it is recommended to come well prepared to deal with the weather.
  • It does not rain in Abrassar, unlike all other regions.


Long ago, Abrassar Desert was a lush and fertile plains, populated by a few prosperous tribes. When the Scourge struck Aurai, the region was subjected to immense earthquakes that diverted the main river. Worse still, Scourge Beasts swarmed the region, including one massive creature that many called "The Devourer".

Faced with a rapidly drying land and an immense monster laying siege to their fortresses and town, the old tribes abandoned Abrassar to make their homes elsewhere. It would be nearly 70 years after the Scourge before Simeon and Calixa led an army into the sands to kill the creature.

In the intervening years, the desert has become home to many vicious insects and has developed an unbearably hot climate. And now that the region is safe for human travel again, bandits roam the sand looking for travelers loaded with shiny trinkets from the city of Levant.
~ Aegix Drakan (Writer, Nine Dots)


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