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A Myriad of Bones
Myriade (on box).png
Quest Giver
Corrupted Tombs
Quest Type
Minor Quest

A Myriad of Bones is a minor quest at the Corrupted Tombs in Outward.


To start the quest, the player must head beyond the first frozen area of the Corrupted Tombs, past the Illuminator Horrors, and down to the train track area. Myriade the skeleton will call out to the player and begin the quest as they approach him.

  1. Assemble all of Myriade's bones in the Corrupted Tombs, in the Chersonese. Start by taking the skull.
  2. [Optional] Destroy Myriade to open the magic seal by force.
    • Speak to Myriade and choose the option to "smash his skull in". You receive no rewards from him, but the seal is broken.
  3. Find the torso, which is close to a lit minecart track.
    • Head further into the train track area, down a path to the right. The torso sits on a box.
  4. Find an arm, which is close to a mana crystal.
    • Head deeper into the mine cart area until you find 2 Green Ghosts. The arm is on the ground after them.
  5. Find an arm, which is high up and close to many-legged creatures.
    • Head back to the Illuminator Horrors. As you leave the mine cart track, take the path on the right upwards. Turn around 180 degrees and cross over the narrow bridge, then continue forward until you drop off a small ledge - the arm is found here.
  6. Find a leg, which is close to water.
    • From the arm, head directly west until you reach a wall, then turn south and drop down to the platform below, by the water. The leg is found here.
  7. Return all the bones to Myriade's body.


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