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A House Divided
Quest Giver
Gregory Turnbull
Cloak and Dagger
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Main Quest
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Cloak and Dagger
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A House Divided is a Quest in Outward. It is seventh in the series of main quests, and is the fourth quest of the Sorobor Academy quest-line.

Quest Summary[]

Unlike the other factions, this is not a Peacemaker quest, we instead prepare for an important debate against Victor regarding the pacifying experiment on the Runed Immaculate.


This quest has a timer of 20 days. Reaching this timer will mean you can no longer complete any of the optional objectives and must head to the debate immediately.


Starting Out[]

The Sorobor Academy NPCs gathered in the debate area in north-east Harmattan.

Speak to Gregory Turnbull, in the city of Harmattan.

Talk to Turnbull in his secret lab. We learn that Victor has become aware of our experiment with the Runed Immaculate, and Turnbull fears that he might be trying to frame us with more than we are guilty of. Turnbull urges us to prepare for the debate with Victor as much as possible.

An important debate will take place in 20 days in the Military District, inside the city of Harmattan. Do not be late.

Looking at your map, you may wonder where all the NPCs have suddenly gone.

Head to the very north-eastern corner of Harmattan, only one NPC shows on the map but many NPCs are present here, including the three we need to speak to.

Warning: Do NOT begin the debate yet! Be careful not to interact with the center of the circle where the NPCs are standing!


  • Speak to Erica, Joliette and Samuel here at the debate area before you leave to save time.
  • Helping the merchants in the trade district will increase your power in the debate. Probably need to do each of their "Need:" quests.
  • Helping both Provosts (somehow) will also increase your power in the debate.


The location of Erica's stolen box, east of Harmattan.

[Optional] Ask for help from Erica Kasper.

Speak to Erica Kasper, Dean of Naturalism in the debate area. Ask for her help in the debate and she will in turn ask a favor of you: to retrieve her stolen box from a house in the East of Antique Plateau.

Retrieve Erica's stolen box from a house in the East of Antique Plateau. There is a hanged skeleton outside the house.

Head towards the Bandit Hideout in north-eastern Antique Plateau, however do not enter this building, we want to head to a different ruined building a short distance south.

Claiming the stolen box after pulling the lever near the Bandits.

Out the front of the other ruined building, you will see a Kazite Bandit waiting guard out the front. Head inside and enter the first room on your right, and you will begin a conversation with the Fourwind gang leader.

Combat will begin, but it is not mandatory to defeat these bandits. Simply pull the lever here next to the Bandits, then enter the adjacent room in the same ruins (which was previously locked) and claim Erica's stolen box.

Return to Erica Kasper.

You can return to Erica now, or wait until you have completed more tasks.


The Ancient Portrait we are looking for at the Old Theater.

[Optional] Ask for help from Joliette Montgomery.

Joliette asks us to retrieve an ancient portrait from the Old Theater.

Retrieve an ancient portrait from the Old Theater in the East of Antique Plateau. The theater is only accessible from underground...

Head to the Old Theatre (Lost Golem Manufacturing Facility) in eastern Antique Plateau.

  • If you have already unlocked the rope shortcut at the Old Theater, this is by far the fastest way to get to the Old Portrait.
  • Otherwise, see the guide on the Rust and Vengeance page for the Lost Golem Facility (Gemstone Key C).

The Bandits are in the same area as where Gemstone Key C is found, at the exit of the Lost Golem Facility.

Defeating the bandits is optional, all you need to do is take the Portrait off the ground, as shown in the picture above.

Return to Joliette Montgomery.

You can return to Joliette now if you wish, or complete the third task before we return.


One of the machines with a Mana Filter.

[Optional] Ask for help from Samuel Laurent.

For this part it is highly recommended to use the Runic Train, and to have unlocked the elevator system in this dungeon. See guide on Rust and Vengeance if needed.

Retrieve 3 Mana Filters (Blue curved pipe pieces) from the Compromised Mana Transfer Station.

Take the train from Destroyed Test Chambers to Compromised Mana Transfer Station. This guide assumes you have already activated the elevators, if not see Rust and Vengeance.

  • From the train, head south to the elevators and take them up.
  • Head south past the Mana Spiral, and up a second set of elevators.
  • Continue south into the Corruption Corrupted area, heading as far south through the corridors as you can.
  • When you come to the opening where Gemstone Key B was found, turn left past the large door, and on the other side of it you will see a golden machine which you can interact with. Interact with it to get the first Mana Filter. Alternatively, if you have unlocked the outside entrance in southwestern Antique Plateau, you can skip the above steps by taking this door and turning to the right twice to find the Mana Filter.
  • Head back to the north through the corridors, to the elevators at the Mana Spiral, and take the first set down.
  • From the Mana Spiral, head west through the first door into a room with lots of purple runic orbs.
  • Head south-west through this room to the southern wall and you will see a second golden machine with the second Mana Filter, collect it.
  • North of the machine, there are two large circular elevators. Stand on the northern of the two and pull the lever to head down.
  • Run north across the bridge, and head to the northern wall of this area and interact with the golden machinery to retrieve the third Mana Filter.
Return to Samuel Laurent.

Return to Samuel with the three filters and give them to him.

The Debate[]

The player debates with the members of the Sorobor Academy.

You have done all you can. Go to the Military District, inside the city of Harmattan, to handle the debate.

Make sure you speak to all three of the NPCs (Joliette, Samuel and Erica) about the tasks to gain power in the debate!

  • Note: The answers likely depend on your choices during the previous quests, and the degree of success you had. Certain NPCs may defend you if you have helped them in some way previously.

When you are ready, stand on the center of the circle and begin the debate. Use the following answers if you are aiming for a success:

  • Tex men talkIcon.png 2: "How can we trust the Wolfgang not to be lying on your behalf? You are close allies."
  • Tex men talkIcon.png 1: "And plotting to destroy an ancient and important Rune Wall isn't sabotage?"
    • If you choose option 3 ("If pacifying the Scourge is possible...") and have helped Joliette, she will defend you and this also counts as a successful answer.
  • Tex men talkIcon.png 2: "So, you'd prefer they remain a unified horde dedicated only to slaughter?"
  • Tex men talkIcon.png 3: "Aurai is still dangerous. There will always be work for a famous group like them."
  • Tex men talkIcon.png 3: "I would argue that the Scourge are far worse. Have you seen the ruins outside?"
  • Tex men talkIcon.png 2: "We can fine-tune it later. The species that really matters is the Immaculates."

After the debate, if you are successful you will get the following:

With a perfect success of your quest line, you will also receive a Tsar Stone.

If you do not receive a full success, you will only get 200 SilverIcon.gif silver.

Old Harmattan[]

The player speaks with Artois in Old Harmattan basement.

Go to the Old Harmattan Basement Cave in the North of Antique Plains, to the East of Old Harmattan.

Enter the Old Harmattan Basement in northern Antique Plateau, you may be familiar with this location if you helped Sekiguchi during a previous quest.

Inside the Basement, head towards the end and you will find either Desy Laroche or Artois Sutherland here, injured. They will tell you that they were ambushed by the Scourge, and that the Runed Immaculate saved their life.

They urge you to head through into Old Harmattan and help the Immaculate. The entrance into Old Harmattan is behind them, through a gap in the bookcases.

The gates inside Old Harmattan are locked...Enemy Immaculate Warlocks must be holding the keys...

Head directly west all the way until you reach an Immaculate Warlock. Defeat this Warlock and loot the Old Harmattan South Key, open the gate behind him, and head through.

Continue through Old Harmattan, eventually you come to another dead end, there is an Immaculate Raider here who holds the Old Harmattan North Key. Defeat the Raider, take the key, and head through the eastern gate.

The player speaks to the Runed Immaculate after the battle.

Depending on your success in the debate, you will either find the Runed Immaculate or the leader of the Wolfgang, Henri Wolfgang. Defeat the Scourge here to complete the battle and speak to the NPCs you find here afterwards.

You can choose between Tsar Bow and Tsar Chakram for your reward, from either the Runed Immaculate or Henri depending on your success.


Depending on your success in the entire Sorobor Academy quest-line:

Quest Success:


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