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A Fallen City
Well-Earned Rest
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Main Quest
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Well-Earned Rest
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A Fallen City is a Quest in Outward. It is eighth in the series of main quests, and is the pre-quest to the Sirocco quest-line.

Quest Summary[]

Our well-earned rest is interrupted with news from Sirocco. A devastating natural disaster has struck the region and immediate aid is required. We are to make our way to the hostile region of Caldera and assist any survivors who might remain.

This quest requires the player to have finished any of the other Faction quest lines first. You will then receive this quest in your journal.


The player is informed of news from Sirocco

Perhaps there's news in Berg.

Make your way to Berg and head to the Inn, where you will find a Messenger awaiting you with a letter from someone important in your Faction. You are informed that you should make your way to Caldera and assist the survivors of a recent natural disaster.

The message will be slightly different depending on which faction you are from, but the general instructions are the same regardless, you are to be the ambassador of your faction and do your best to represent their values.

The messenger also informs you that Caldera is an extremely hostile and dangerous region, with "several creatures there that have learned how to penetrate even the most resistant armor", and that "just about everything out there is capable of inflicting some kind of horrible affliction that you won't have ever seen before."

Old Sirocco[]

The player meets the trio in Old Sirocco

Meet the leaders of Old Sirocco, to the south east.

To enter the Caldera region, you must first make your way to south-eastern Enmerkar Forest, just east of the Huge Burning Tree. It takes Rations.png 3 rations to travel to Caldera.

Once in the region, make your way south towards Old Sirocco at the bottom of the map. Take note of the lava rivers as they will block your path, try to stay slightly more south-east than south-west while traveling down.

Approach Old Sirocco and enter the large doorway. Just ahead on your left, you will see Evangeline Vallier, Josef Dumas and Dorion Dumas along with one of the Nobles of Sirocco. Evangeline pushes them off the ledge with her spear, sending the Noble to their death.

As you approach the three, Evangeline will initially mistake you for a Noble, but Josef interjects with a voice of reason and points out we are clearly not a native to this region. The trio inform you that they are taking matters into their own hands and overthrowing the ruling class of Sirocco, or in the words of Evangeline: "We put an end to the tyranny of the Nobility and gave them exactly what they deserved!"

Dorion, more calm and reasoned than Evangeline, explains further: "I would not put it so crassly. When the city collapsed, tensions that had been simmering for years finally boiled over. We were driven to violence as the utmost final resort." Not only that, but the collapse of Old Sirocco due to structural failure caused by the volcanoes was preventable and had been brought up for years, but the Sirocco nobility did nothing to prevent it. "Revolution is justified by the consent of the people. When those with power no longer have our consent to rule us, and they keep hold of their power with violence...It is only natural to defend ourselves as we did", explains Dorion.

After more discussion, it is established that you will aid the trio in rebuilding Sirocco at a new location. Evangeline suggests the old Stone Quarry, and the others concur.

Dorion explains that "It's in the South East of the Caldera. Look for a large stone gate, past a natural rock bridge that passes a little to the east of the huge Chalcedony crystals. Go ahead, we'll meet you there with the rest of the survivors!"

Abandoned Quarry[]

The player meets the trio in New Sirocco

Head for the Abandoned Quarry, to the south east, near the large Chalcedony Crystals, and speak with the Worker leaders there.

Leave Old Sirocco the way you entered and head back north around the lava river. Continue north-west past the large blue Chalcedony crystals, and once clear of the river, head immediately east towards the Abandoned Quarry on the map. Cross the bridge and continue forward until you receive the prompt to enter New Sirocco.

In New Sirocco, speak to the trio by the Stockpile directly ahead and begin From the Ashes.



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